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The village of Darlington, Western Australia, is located in the hills at the edge of the Darling Ranges, some 20 km east of and overlooking the City of Perth. A picturesque suburb with a natural landscape of hills and valleys, it is surrounded almost entirely by excellent natural bushlands, which provide wonderful displays of wildflowers. For some 50,000 years indigenous people inhabited and nurtured this land. During the 1880s and 1890s, the building of the Eastern Railway attracted early settlers who started to farm the land. Since then it has gradually changed its character, becoming an attractive residential suburb. Not surprisingly, Darlington has a rich and interesting history.

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Cape Horn, 1899.
Courtesy Rottest Island Auth.
2 / 12
Darlington Vineyard 1908.
Courtesy Battye 723P.
3 / 12
Mixed train entering Darlington station, 1925.
Courtesy S.A. State Library.
4 / 12
Rosendale Guest House, 1940's.
Courtesy Anne Charleston.
5 / 12
Darlington's first Store & Post Office.
Courtesy Thelma Rhodes.
6 / 12
Rev L.S. Quinlin, circa 1940's.
Courtesy Anne Charleston.
7 / 12
Nyaania Creek bridge, Leithdale Rd, 1935.
Courtesy Carol Fischer.
8 / 12
Rose cottage with Fiat car, 1950.
Courtesy Max Law.
9 / 12
Brewer house, 1980's.
Courtesy Thornton Hicks.
10 / 12
Cairngorm house, 1946.
Courtesy Lyn Myles.
11 / 12
Holmesdale house, 1984.
Courtesy Bruce Callow.
12 / 12
Leithdale house, 1984.
Courtesy Bruce Callow.


The group is currently involved in the Darlington Heritage Walk Trail project which has 3 stages with the first two ready to commence in 2022.
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The Group’s news and events are reported in the local Darlington Review journal, so click here or, for past articles, go to 'About Us > Darlt'n Review articles' on the menu bar above and select a year.
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The Darlington History Group hold regular meetings usually on the second Wednesday of each month. We run 6 speaker evenings each year ‐ 3 in the autumn months (March, April and May) and 3 in the spring months (September, October and November). They are (generally) all held in the Darlington Lesser Hall and usually start at 7:15 pm for a 7:30 pm start. We welcome anyone who enjoys learning about history, people, interesting places and events.

Date Time Location Talk
April 13th 7:30 pm Darlington Lesser Hall Cancelled due to Covid concerns
May 11th 7:30 pm Darlington Lesser Hall TBA


For only $5 per person you can join with us and help to keep Darlington's history alive
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